Saturday, July 26, 2008

Harper Children and Betty Sullivan

Sometime ago, Ann posted this unknown photo. I wrongly identified who these children were and would like to make that correction here. I am rereading Betty Sullivan's book of family history, "The Long Trek West". And lo and behold, this picture is in that publication. They are from left to right: Sarah, Mabel, Dreda and Billy Harper. They were Dad's (Russell Blood) cousins, their mother, Mabel Clare being a sister to Roscoe Blood and a grandmother to Betty Sullivan. I am always amazed, that for an orphan, Dad had so many family photos in his possession.

An added note about Betty Sullivan. Shannon has been in contact with her and wrote these words to her: "I am so glad to have the chance to connect with you because my mother just sings your praises with all the work you have done. I'm sure that I will be thanking you many times during the course of my life for your efforts. I just can't put a price on being able to know and see our family history." We all are indebted to this untiring historian.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Judy - I need to go back and read the book again, too. Betty did some tremendous work.

Ann said...

What good work is being done through the blog. Pictures identified and then clarified, stories told and then retold with a different slant, fun memories refreshed. Life has been and continues to be hectic for me for about another 10 days and then I can be a better contributor. Thank you for all the work everyone is doing to keep this going.